New Curly Girly Product Breakdown


308A7032-3We have an amazing new product line formulated for the unique needs of curly hair! If you have curly hair you HAVE to try these products!!
Flaunt Your Curls CO Wash
Flaunt Your Curls Co Wash is a modern, NON-LATHERING, cleansing creme made with thyme extract and witch hazel to gently cleanse and purify the scalp without removing essential hair oils and rinsing them away in a cloud of lather. The fact the cleanser doesn’t suds means the hair strands will not get frizzy while working a traditional shampoo into a lather. The hair at the scalp won’t contract and become more curly, tangled and even harder to separate out into beautiful “locks” of curly hair.
 Your Curls Intense Moisturizer
Flaunt Your Curls Intense Moisturizer is perfect with Flaunt Your Curls Co Wash for creating the softest, most moisturized hair. Shea and mango butters melt just above the body’s temperature so they moisturize and protect without building up like other high melt point waxes. Often conditioners are judged by thickness but ingredients that make them thick often build up on hair. Oils penetrate even better than butters and a combination of both is important for elasticity, pliability and cuticle protection of hair. Oils that we formulate into our Intense Moisturizer include argan and avocado because they resist completely rinsing out and still leave the hair feeling natural and looking shiny.
Perfect Curls Styling Primer
Perfect Curls Styling Primer is a modern multifunction foundation spray for curly hair. This spray infuses antioxidant sunflower extracts to protect hair from damage. Designed to smooth out the hair’s cuticle like traditional makeup foundations do for the skin. Perfect Curls Styling Primer is part moisturizer and part style control agent—a “BB” spray for keeping hair hydrated and controlled (not crunchy). Prepares the hair for layering or custom cocktailing additional styling formulas. Contains sunscreen
for additional color protection.
Let’s Go Curly Styling Crème
Let’s Go Curly Styling Crème is best layered over our Perfect Curls PrimerSpray and works great
on curls that are really dry and have chemical or color treatments. For ends of curly hair that look and feel damaged, add a drop or two of our Argan Infused Moroccan Miracle to create intense conditioning and frizz fighting properties.
Firmly Committed Curl Scrunching Foam
Firmly Committed Curl Scrunching Foam is an extra firm hold foam designed to form curls at the scalp and control frizz on the ends. Even for frizz-prone hair, this extreme holding foam is needed to create curl structure. Infused with powerful polymer technology and hair strengthening antioxidants from sunflowers.
Making Waves Beach Spray
Making Waves Beach Spray activates curl on straight or slightly wavy hair while leaving the hair feeling healthy, shiny and natural. This alcohol free formula is light weight and contains humidity blocking agents that will keep hair controlled and manageable, yet have movement. Making Waves Beach Spray adds texture to thin, fine hair and creates the feeling of volume. Making Waves can reactivate curl in second day hair.
Love Me To Pieces Paste
Love Me To Pieces Paste contains 
Lotus Wax from Lily Pads for ultimate humidity resistance. This pliable paste wax formula is perfect for defining structure and form. Great to emphasize textured styles.
All of our Curly Girly products are Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Formaldehyde Free!