College Beauty Essentials


College-Beauty-EssentialsIt’s hard to believe that you’re getting ready to send your baby off to college.  Make sure she has everything she needs to look her very best.  You know she won’t be back home until around Thanksgiving, so be sure she will have enough shampoo and conditioner to last until she gets home for the holiday break.  Our Miracle brush will provide miraculous detangling for all hair types.  She will spend lots of time studying, so she will need to have a blow dryer that will dry her hair quickly. Elixir 11 will protect her hair from the blow dryer and daily damage. A big round brush will help with volume and shine. She will need a flat Iron to create the ever popular sleek or wavy look. Flat Iron spray to protect her hair from the heat of the flat iron. Dry Shampoo for those mornings when she’s tired from all the studying.  Headbands so she can sweep her hair up in 6 seconds before class. Stay hairspray to hold her hair in place.  A Magic Mitt to take her make up off at night. Wasabi cleanser will keep her skin blemish free. She will need a Clarisonic to keep the college grime from getting in her pores. Last but not least, she will need a BB cream. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer while offering protection from the sun.