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  Did your kids spend most of their summer in the swimming pool? Does their hair have a greenish/gold cast to it? Is it Shiny like a doll’s hair? Are you tired of spending precious time in the morning fighting with tangled unmanageable hair?  If you answered yes to any of these questions…(Read More)

  Hair By Jae at our Kingsdale salon At Kenneth’s we have you stand while we cut the perimeter of your haircut. Standing allows us to cut your hair even and level with your body structure. Since your haircut is showcased more often when you’re standing, like when you walk into a room…(Read More)

  This is an extra special throw back Thursday! Last week after posting A photo from Kenneth’s Hair Graphics book we received a message from Cheryl. She said that she had modeled for Kenneth 30 years ago for the book as well and was curious if we had any photos of her. After doing…(Read More)

Step 1: Use an orange wood stick or tweezers to break up any large chunks left in the compact. Step 2: Add a few sprays of the Jane Iredale D20 Hydration Spray to the powder. Step 3: Use the orange wood stick again to stir the mixture into a paste. Step 4: Place a paper…(Read More)